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PASAPAS expands its SAP Support Service to the American continent

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PASàPAS and Abaco are delighted to announce a partnership which allows PASàPAS to extend its SAP Support Service into the American continent, with a strong local presence especially in South America.

This partnership will allow customers of PASàPAS to:
Extend the benefit of our comprehensive Support Service to their subsidiaries in South America, through a single contract and a single service platform.
Receive a support service in line with local regulatory constraints and in local time, while still benefitting from the coordination and overall quality of this service.
Access the service though a single portal, which guarantees the resolution of a wide range of messages with the benefit of extended hours of cover (8:00-24:00)


ABACO is an IT consultancy dedicated to the SAP solutions.

Our services cover system design, consultancy, implementation projects, system enhancements and upgrades, remote support and specialist IT services outsourcing. ABACO builds long term relationships with its customers and helps them improve their business performance at each stage of their development. Our unique model combined with our IT services heritage allows us to innovate, and to build and deploy pragmatic and forward-thinking solutions.

With more than 300 experts, ABACO is headquartered in Porto (Portugal) and has offices in Lisbon (Portugal), São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and London (UK). Our Consultants work for more than 250 customers worldwide, including some of the largest multi-nationals.

Our São Paulo (Brazil) office dedicated to SAP support offers solutions that adapt to your business requirements:
– a remote SAP Support service covering a broad and flexible range of technical and functional services to customers based in South America;
deep expertise and experience to meet your needs;
– a team of SAP experts able to assist you in your developments, reduce operational risks and to guarantee continuity of service.


About PASAPAS www.pasapas.com

Established in 2007 and now the leading SAP Support Center in France, PASàPAS undertakes to help businesses of all sizes take control of their SAP information systems, and optimize their day-to-day usage.

The PASàPAS team of circa sixty SAP experts are available on-demand to help our clients address all their SAP-related issues: SAP licenses and maintenance, bug fixing and changes, implementation of new features, and upgrades as well as custom developments around your SAP solution.

PASàPAS is PCOE-accredited (SAP Partner Centre Of Expertise) and an SAP Gold partner. In 2015, PASàPAS supported over 170 customers, mainly Small and Mid-size businesses, and achieved €18 million in annual turnover, with 72 employees. The company has offices in France (Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Bernay), UK (London) and Spain (Barcelona).